The University YMCA’s Fred S. Bailey Unpaid Internship Scholarship program provides scholarship funding to students who accept unpaid internships with public service agencies and not for profit organizations.  These internships provide an opportunity for students to complement their academic preparation with direct practical experience. The effort to combine a productive work experience with an intentional learning component is a proven method for promoting the academic, personal, and career development of students.

Students will be selected on the basis of their demonstrated commitment to community development, service, and activism and the internship’s potential impact on the student’s learning and professional development as well as financial need.

Award Amount

The University YMCA’s Fred S. Bailey Unpaid Internship Scholarship program provides $1000 scholarships for part-time unpaid internships and $2500 for full-time unpaid internships.  A part-time internship shall be defined as an internship that requires a minimum of 125 total work hours but less than 300 total work hours.  A full-time internship shall be defined as any internship requiring more than 300 total work hours.  The minimum length of both part-time and full-time internships to be funded is 8 weeks.  Awards are made directly to the student, not the organization sponsoring the internship.


Internship activities that are eligible for funding: program development; fundraising; projects; generating marketing plans; designing posters; conducting studies and surveys; developing presentations; creating social media sites; preparing budgets and financial reports & more!

Internship activities that are ineligible for funding: primarily administrative responsibilities such as mailings, data entry, etc.; internships at for-profit businesses (except where exemptions are granted by the Bailey Scholarship committee); internships without clear learning opportunities; internships without supervision/mentorship; student teaching, internships, and other activities that are required for graduation.

Application Timeline

Applications will be reviewed by the Bailey Scholarship committee during two application periods:

Spring 2018 (For internships that occur between January 1, 2018 – May 15, 2018)

Applications Open: August 28
Application Deadline: November 13

Summer 2018/Fall 2018 (For internships that occur between May 16, 2018 – December 31, 2018)

Applications Open: January 16
Application Deadline: April 12

Application Requirements

  • Student must be enrolled as an undergraduate student in good standing at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign campus during the current or previous academic semester.  Student need not be enrolled in classes at the time of the internship but must be working towards a degree at UIUC. Students who will have already graduated as of the start date of the internship are not eligible to apply.
  • Internships may be for credit or no credit, but all interns must have a faculty sponsor/supervisor. Students completing internships that are part of an academic program’s graduation requirements (community health practicum, social work internship, student teaching, etc) are not eligible to receive the Bailey Internship Scholarship. We highly encourage students in these programs to consider applying for the Bailey Undergraduate Scholarship, due February 7. For more information on the Bailey Undergraduate Scholarship program, click here: universityymca.org/bailey/scholarship_awards.html.
  • Students must apply for funding for a specific internship. Students may only receive one unpaid internship scholarship during their tenure as a UIUC student.
  • Students will be asked to describe the learning objectives of the internships they are pursuing and how the internship is connected to his/her educational and career interests in activism or community development.
  • Preference will be given to unpaid internships in non-profit or government offices.  Students applying to intern at for profit businesses must demonstrate a direct relationship between the internship experience and future career goals in the non-profit or public sectors.
  • Students must demonstrate financial need.

Program Requirements

  • All recipients must have a faculty sponsor to oversee their internship. For more information on the role of the Faculty Sponsor, download the “Faculty Sponsor Information Sheet“.
  • All internship scholarships are contingent on an official offer of employment from the sponsoring organization.
  • Student must develop and submit a list of measurable learning objectives for the internship with the aid of their faculty sponsor.  Learning objectives must be approved by faculty sponsor, site sponsor, student, and the Bailey Scholarship Director. (Sample Learning Goals)
  • Student must submit a job description for approval to the Bailey Scholarship internship committee.  The final job description must be approved by the faculty sponsor, site sponsor, and Bailey Scholarship Director.  Failure to obtain an approved internship job description will result in forfeiture of the unpaid internship scholarship award.
  • Site sponsor must sign and agree a site memorandum of understanding with the University YMCA and provide intern evaluations as requested by the Bailey Scholarship Director.  For more information on the role of the site sponsor, download the “Site Sponsor Information Sheet.
  • Student must complete a one-month evaluation of the internship as well as an exit survey at the completion of the internship.  Evaluation form and exit survey will be provided by the Bailey Scholarship program.
  • Student must provide a 2-3 page report at the completion of the internship on their progress towards meeting their learning objectives.


Special Provision for Substituting Internships

Under the following special circumstances the Bailey Scholarship Committee will consider the substitution of one internship position for another:

  1. The Site Sponsor fails to uphold the terms agreed to in the memorandum of understanding or the student does not receive and offer of employment from the organization listed in the application.
  2. The student has 180 days from the start date of the initial internship to secure an alternative offer from a suitable organization and submit a job description for approval to the Bailey Scholarship Director.
  3. The new job description must receive the approval of the faculty sponsor and Bailey Scholarship Director and a new memorandum of understanding must be signed.

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