Beautiful until the end! Graduation Fashion Recommendation


It seems that 2017 has just started, but it has already been another year since the last graduation ceremony. What this means is another class of students are preparing to enter the real and world and may complete their time in academia. Graduation marks a special time in a person’s life and represents the culmination of your hard work. As it a special day we should also dress to the occasion. Read bellow on how to stand out for your graduation photo.


  1. White mini dress like Emma Watson1

At the graduation ceremony of Brown University in 2014, Emma Watson appeared in a white mini dress. Usually, gowns are often dark colors, so it is best to wear a light colored dress in contrast to the gowns. The most representative example would be a white dress!


  1. It’s going to be hot! Off shoulder2

There are many designer clothes coming out that are very popular. It may be a little uncomfortable, but fashion is first! Off-shoulder styling recommended for those who do. Why not try to be sexy and pure?


  1. Because of spring floral print3

The graduation ceremony of an American university is in May, so there will be warm weather. It is a great way to shine in a floral dress so you can express the brilliant spring scent at your graduation ceremony.


  1. Break down the dress. Two-Piece Appointment4

It is true that many people wear dresses. But there is no  right way to wear a dress. If you are a true fashion person, show it for graduation! Look at two-piece styling to show off your personality!


  1. If you want to get comfortable5

If the skirt is too uncomfortable, why not try styling it with a jump suit? A jump suit that is easy enough to go around to take photographs everywhere, comfortable and easy to take in style! Let’s see what designs are out there.



bella-LeeSo Young Lee / Intern Reporter