UD Bucket List


Want to make your years at the University of Delaware all the more fun and challenging at the same time? The University of Delaware Student Alumni Ambassadors (UDSAA) and the Office of Alumni Relations have joined together and created the perfect guideline for the perfect college life; UD Bucket List. UD’s very own official list is created with input from both current students and alumni and designed to encompass everything about what it means to be part of the UD community.


“It’s because everybody kept saying we don’t have traditions. But WE DO have traditions, it’s just never really called our traditions” answered Regina Donato, an Associate Director for Development & Alumni Relations, to a question about why they started the UD Bucket List. Donato said that the idea first came out in 2012 within the UDSAA organization and the first launch was at the fall of 2013. The list was created based on the feedback UDSAA received from student, staff and alumni about the traditions at UD and the most popular responses made it on the list.


The total of 60 items to do as a Blue Hen is divided into two sections: gold items and blue items. The gold items are ones that can be completed senior year and beyond and there are 17 on the list. Some of the items on the list are more general such as come back for Homecoming, attend Senior Fling or get together and take a picture outside your old residence hall and so on. However, they bring the list full circle and encourage you to consider your role as a Blue Hen during your undergraduate years as well as after graduation.


The 43 blue items on the Bucket List can be completed at any time as a Blue Hen. A freshman who is new to the campus or even an alumnus who graduated many years ago can easily find bond as well as pride by completing any of these. The blue items are more unique to UD than gold items. For instance, some on the list are visit the famous kissing arches, rub Hugh Morris’ nose or eat Klolndike Kate’s nachos. The number 17 and 43 on the list are purposefully broken down to reflect UD’s founding year of 1743.


Riz Gadaingan, who is a senior, said she heard about the UD’s bucket list during her sophomore year. Gadaingan said she did not put particular efforts to cross off things on the bucket list. However, since some of the items are common experiences you would eventually have as a UD student, she has already accomplished many on the list without realizing it.


The goal of the bucket list is to help UD students to share UD traditions, stay connected and continue to build that common bond as “Blue Hens Forever”. Abigail Hidalgo is a motivated sophomore and a student alumni ambassador who stays true to every word of this goal of the bucket list.


“Throughout freshman and sophomore year, I have made it a priority to cross things off the list– I bleed school spirit” said Hidalgo who has crossed off 36 out of 43 blue items and has left 17 gold items for after graduation. She said crossing things off from the list was easier than she thought but remembered “Ice skate at the Fred Rust Arena” was a tough one to accomplish as a beginner on ice skating. But her determination to check this off from the list did not allow fears to get in her way and in the end she is happy with a memory she can now share with fellow blue hens from that experience.


Hidalgo plans to complete every blue item on the bucket list by the end of fall semester, 2016. Now, I challenge you to try and see how many you can check off from the list during and after your years at UD.

Hae Soo Yang/ Intern Reporter (UD)


Photo credit: UD Student Alumni Ambassadors