[Campus Inside] Spice Box – the Ultimate Cultural Experience

“Whose ready to experience different culture every week...?”

Spice Box offers students and the locals the opportunity to experience different types of food and culture. Having the same food over and over again is dull and does not embrace positive energy.

So why should you choose to go to the Spice Box? Spice Box is a student-run restaurant in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) and is associated with the University of Illinois Hospitality Management Program.

On March 9, 2016 the Spice Box hosted a dinner event called the Chinese Palace.

Before entering the venue, the two Chinese red lanterns already tell you a story – Welcome to China. Passing through the entrance, you could feel the as though the setting has shifted. You are in a new world being welcomed by the warmth of Chinese culture.restaurant

If you are looking for a diversity of food and culture, the Spice Box offers all of them. Chinese, French, Mexican, Korean and other international menus can be offered here.

The program offers a course menu – Prix Fixe, Special and Dessert A La Carte. The Prix Fixe has four courses, the special has two and there is one option for dessert. In the students’ perspective, they have sacrificed lots of time and have worked tirelessly to bring a wonderful experience to the customers. The students handle all the details, such as menus, decorations, seating arrangements, course styles, services, and the overall environment for the night. The manager and the servers are very engaging and polite to make sure the customers are entertained and to illustrate their passion for their project. Not only are the tables run by the students, the kitchen is handled by the students as well – except for one guest chef chosen by the manager.These staff and chefs worked together with great passion in their heart to achieve a long term goal, which is to successfully facilitate the event.


The students have one night to display their two years of hard work, passion and energy to the customers. Being one of the participants, I could easily observe their dedication and perseverance throughout the whole process.

In order to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and the experience, simply go to http://spicebox.illinois.edu/ to attain more information on the project and upcoming events, and in order to make a reservation, call (217) 333 – 6520. Reservations are available in half-hour time slots at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, and 7:30.

If you want the chance to experience different cultures every week, the Spice Box awaits you.


Sam Lee / Intern Reporter