[Campus Inside] Hate it or Love it: The Not-so Unrealistic Future of America with ‘President Trump’

Donald Trump, born in 1946, has a net worth of 4 billion USD (Forbes) and is the owner of the Trump Organization and the Trump Entertainment Resorts. As such as successful businessman, he was considered to be the next potential president since 1998 – and he was, in fact, actually a candidate in 2000. 28 years later, now in 2016, he’s actually in the race with winning polls.

To begin, I will be focusing on the Republican party in this article. Trump’s more threatening competitors can be named to be Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Marco Rubio. Though President Obama said that he believes Donald Trump will not be the next president, individual polls clearly present that Trump is the Republican presidential front-runner.

So… why is he so popular or why is he hated so much?

Until now, President Obama was more towards a ‘peaceful country’ but candidate Trump’s campaign goals show that he is more towards a ‘aggressive country.’ A high percentage of those who support Trump are working-class and white people while of those against him, many are foreigners.

Let’s first see why he is hated so much:

Trump has been proposing goals and promises that would actually create a breakout among the citizens of the United States. It is undoubtable that he is representing the body of radical citizens and those who believe the country should grow back as an economically flourishing one.

The following are some of the many extreme campaign goals Trump has proposed:

  • Temporarily ban most foreign Muslims from entering the United States
  • Kick out any Syrian refugees already living here
  • Target and kill the relatives of terrorists
  • Shut down parts of the Internet (to prevent citizens joining terrorist groups)
  • Challenge China’s power in the world
  • Get rid of gun-free zones at military bases and in schools
  • Deport 11 million illegal immigrants
  • End birthright citizenship

On the other hand, there must be a reason why, despite such extreme goals, he is so popular. First of all, racism in the U.S. is and will be a never-ending debatable topic. Honestly, except for the Native Americans, we’re all immigrants. Still, those Americans who continuously dislike ‘immigrants’ support him because Trump is trying to get rid of all illegal – and even legal – immigrants. Second, while other candidates decided to keep it to themselves, Trump has been saying things people have been afraid to do so; especially topics about foreigners. Third, the world is horrified by the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). As a country which has been terrorized a few times already, the U.S. is in fear of more terrorism. With Donald Trump proposing to restrict Muslims and kick out refugees, people believe he will bring a nation without terrorism; which is honestly impossible.

Finally, he is known and acknowledged as a successful businessman. With the Obama legislation predicted to end with a debt of $20 trillion, people are looking for a new president who could bring back the economy.

CEO Donald Trump’s main slogan throughout his presidential campaign is: “Make American great again”. But what is a great nation? According to sources the following qualities define a great nation: freedom, justice, graciousness, morality, merciful, truthfulness, value of life, creativity, excellence and stewardship. Though a successful businessman, the question is: Will be be a successful president?

November 8th – it’s up to you, America.




Sarah Park / Intern Reporter