Be a stress fighter

Most students have their experience in fighting stress throughout college. It has only been the first few weeks of school, and I have been stressed.

As a senior, I should have had the easier classes in a lazier schedule. However, I am still taking intensive writing and reading classes. At the same time, I am also looking for some new experience to practice my knowledge and renew my old resume. The stress comes from both school and work.

School is so important that I am quitting some positions that I’ve been in for about a year. I want to learn more from classes. It has been the point that I am not going to classes for school but for myself. This lesson may have come late to me than some people. This lesson indeed relieves me from some stress. But now that problem is that I am afraid that I am not learning enough, or learning the right thing, for what any future jobs.

I look at my LinkedIn profile every day. But my experience has remained the same for the past year. I feel like making some changes. This is where the stress came from. On one hand, I want to focus on classes. On the other hand, I feel like getting involved in some other new organizations that would be helpful for finding a job. I am already thinking about job hunting.

This is the last year of college. I am nervous about graduating and that I can’t find a job. It may be the fear that stresses me rather than stress itself. As I was talking to my friends and mom about my situation, they happen to tell me the same thing: one step a time. Then I sat down with my planer, went through the class syllabus, school calendar and work schedule and marked down the important dates. Therefore, a plan is there to be followed. “It’s actually not that bad,” I said to myself afterwards.

If you are easily stressed like me, you should spend a few hours alone and try to identify where the stress comes from. You could start by asking some questions to yourself.

If the stress comes from school, are you taking too many classes and the amount of homework has taken over your social life?

If it’s from work, are you working too many hours that you don’t have enough time for homework or any other activities?

Once the stress source is identified, it’s not difficult. Do what you can do and need to do to free yourself from stress. It also means you will need to make a decision to make one more important than the other. It could be tough. But this is just one step at one time.

When you break your stress into different matter, you could see through the stress and resolve it. The tension of stress is because your fear of not being able to achieve your goal on the set. Some clichés are actually encouraging, like nothing is impossible in this case. You just need to have faith and believe that you can do it. As long as you still have the passion for what you do, you will put in your efforts to make it work.

At this point, I think I should work hard on my classes and learn as much as possible.

Jiayun Chen/Intern Reporter