Olympics Effect in Korea

The Olympic season has finally come and definitely created a worldwide sensation. Not only players but also the audience has been looking forward to 2012 London Olympics after carrying out 2008 Beijing Olympics. Regardless of the fact that the Olympics are being held in London, people in any countries can sit back at home and enjoy watching live games on TV. Thanks to the advanced technologies, individuals became able to connect themselves to the world with a remote control. However, there is one thing the high technology can’t solve: ‘time difference.’

These days, I’ve witnessed lights coming out from houses after midnight. With an 8-hour-difference here in South Korea from London, most of sports games that people enjoy watching are on air in the evening or after midnight. Although some popular games are broadcasted in late night, it is interesting that people are willing to burn the midnight oil. For example, South Korea and England played soccer in the quarterfinals on August 5. The game was scheduled at 3:30 in the morning in Korean time. Not surprisingly, my family stayed up all night to watch that big match. Whenever Korean players scored a point, I could hear shouts of joy coming out from other houses. Moreover, I have noticed that the main topics in conversations are mostly related to Olympics.

I could not stop thinking about reasons that people get so enthusiastic and crazy about Olympics. Even though I was one of watchers, I should confess I am not a big fan of Olympics.

After having deep thoughts, I found one tidy clue to explain about this phenomenon: sports and society. Unexpectedly, I had a chance to listen to the radio this morning. According to FIFA, when people cheer for their favorite team and the team wins, both the local community’s economy and productivity are likely to increase. I see many evidences supporting this argument:

Many bars are full of persons celebrating their teams’ win. Companies are peaching marketing related Olympics. Event though, there is a research that persons are less shopping out while Olympics are being held, they can put more effort to their works instead of going out for shopping.

Although people get tired from staying up all night to watch the game, the rapture they gain out of it is huge enough to motivate them to work more efficiently. In this long and hot summer, Olympics can be a good way out from an exhausting daily life. Living in a global village, we deserve a right to enjoy the world festival.

Yoon Ji Hong/ advertising, sophomore