Chinese university president visits Champaign

More and more Chinese students have decided to leave their home country to come to the United States to study, and visiting president of prestigious university in China put an emphasis on to promote globalization of Chinese universities.

Wei Yang, the president of Zhejiang University said there are still many opportunities to become professors in Chinese universities as opposed to Taiwan and other Asian countries. “Chinese government tries to recruit over 1,000 professors from all over the world. But to promote international collaboration, those positions requires international experience, especially to become full professor, one year of international experience is required,” said president Wei Yang.

He delivered lecture titled “Globalization of Higher education-An Eastern Perspective” at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s “The Research University in the World of Future” speaker series on May 31.

Yang stressed that Chinese universities are rising stars in the world of research universities by putting tremendous emphasis on research in science and engineering.

“C9 (Consortium of 9 research universities) universities in China started credit sharing in 2009 which resulted in 20% increase of PhD student enrollment among C9 universities. Now Chinese universities provide more PhD degrees than AAU (Association of American Universities),” said president Yang. He added that total national funds for R&D dramatically increased from 7.4billion RMB in 1987 to 706.2 billion RMB in 2010.

“Chinese government also loosens barriers to foreign educational organization. For example, if foreign universities want to establish international campus in China, it is now no longer required to have local partners in China which used to be mandatory by policy,” he said.

Located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang University is one of the China’s leading research universities. The university is also the member of C9 Universities which are considered most prestigious universities in China.

Jae Hyuk Yang/ reporter