Happiness fills the parking lot

Champaign downtown’s Orpheum Children’s Science Museum held its 20th Annual Kid’s Building Fair in the public parking lot on Neil Street and east Washington Street on May 19. It’s an event of celebrating the community’s rich heritage in architecture, historical preservation, and the building trades, while getting hands-on experience in both the art and science of the “built” environment.

The Fair started at 11 a.m. when some sponsors had already arrived early to set up the tent, decorate the space and prepare its show and materials. Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, OCSM, is a non-profit organization that limited budget. However, thanks to the local business and organization’s kind sponsorship for such a great turnout of the event.

The temperature rose up to high 80s. Plumbing City cash sponsored by Illinois American Water Co. was one of the most popular spots among the kids. As the water was pumped out from the pipe, the children quickly gathered in the front and played the splash.

Children also had a chance to make a table or chair and to paint these afterwards. Parents were also engaged in these activities to spend time with their children. Champaign Fire Department also participated in this educational event. Children get to see what’s in the fire truck and were introduced to the local fire fighters as well. Derald Catering truck was also at the event to sell food and drink. Hotdogs and sandwiches, along with cold soft drinks, provided convenience in such a hot summer day.

At the end of the day, one lucky raffle ticket was drawn to receive a pantry house. The tickets were 5 dollars each. The donation will be the fund for the Museum’s remodel in the future.

The 20th Kid’s Building Fair was a free outdoor event. It attracted many families to come and enjoy the Saturday. This event was also live on its Facebook page where photos were updated every hour starting at 11 a.m.

CarenKaren Chen/ intern reporter