CU Asian Times Writers’ workshop kicks off

A seminar was held on how to help intern reporters of CU Asian Times improve writing skills. Jae Hyuk Yang, reporter at CU Asian Times presented his perspectives on the writing of newspaper articles and columns at the first seminar of its kind, which was hosted by CU Asian Times on June 1.

In his lecture, Jae Hyuk Yang said the purpose of seminar series is to seek the best way for intern reporters to understand media-like writing and what journalists do. Yang also gave his thoughts and comments about the columns that intern reporters have written for the newspaper.

Three intern reporters, Tao Jiang (Phd student, biophysics), Jung In Kim (junior, sociology) and Karen Chen (senior, news-editorial journalism) participated in the first seminar.

In her opening speech, Joohyun Kang, the founder of CU Asian Times introduced the history of CU Asian Times. “CU Asian Times was the only Asian community newspaper in Champaign-Urbana and the newspaper will expand Chinese version to attract more Chinese readers in town,” said Kang.

Established and first published in October, 2008, CU Asian Times covers news and events in Asian communities around Champaign-Urbana as well as international news in three languages: English, Mandarin and Korean.

CU Asian Times will host three more intern reporter seminars over the summer. The next seminar will be held on June 7 on how to layout and design the newspaper.

Jae Hyuk Yang/ reporter